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Aquabox Mains Cold Water Booster Set (200L)

Aquabox Mains Cold Water Booster Set (200L)
Aquabox Mains Cold Water Booster Set (200L) - view 1Aquabox Mains Cold Water Booster Set (200L) - view 2Aquabox Mains Cold Water Booster Set (200L) - view 3Aquabox Mains Cold Water Booster Set (200L) - view 4Aquabox Mains Cold Water Booster Set (200L) - view 5
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Aquabox is SPD advanced solution for buildings with low pressure or volumes of flow.
It is a competitive, efficient alternative to traditional pressurization units, eliminating the typical fluctuations in flow, complex mechanical designs and their excessive electric consumption.
Aquabox is a compact, well-proportioned pressurizing unit, with an integrated design and maximum energy efficiency.

It comprises two basic elements, at latest-generation automatic SPD pump and a storage tank. The result of the advanced engineering of these two components combined is an innovative unit offering high levels of convenience in water use, guaranteeing not only its permanent availability (even when the water supply is cut off) but also strong, regular, constant pressure.

The 200L tank can be used as a backup system in the event of restrictions on the use of water from the mains. In line with regulation EN1717, the outer casing incorporates a safety partition to safeguard against the pollution of drinking water.
Aquabox is multi-purpose and can be used on sites with water supply problems.

Rural areas: second homes, village dwellings, rural tourism, etc.
Urban areas: housing developments, houses, commercial premises, restaurant, etc

Variable Speed Pump
An advanced technology option:
Maximum pressure control convenience, low noise levels and considerable saving in electrical consumption.

Model: Aquabox 350
Incorporating the reliable advanced electronic SPD speed driver, which enables the submersible pump to operate at variable speeds while automatically regulating itself to maintain constant pressure according to needs. Besides saving energy, this technological innovation makes minimal noise and provides remarkable regularity in the water supply flow.

Up to 2 bedroom house
Very quiet & compact
Installation service supplied on request

Two storey building, 2,3 bed houses
1 x baths
1 x showers
1 x wash hand basins
1 x WC
1 x kitchen sinks
1 x washing machine
1 x dish washer

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