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Caprari MXT07 Macerator pump (19m lift)

Caprari MXT07 Macerator pump (19m lift)
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The Caprari series of macerator pumps are particularly used in civil and industrial sewage systems. They have been designed to pump liquid at high head with very low capacity. the cutter unit, in a special hard stainless steel, cuts into small pieces threadlike materials Contained in the liquids.

As the risk of clogging is avioded smaller diameter pipes are used (1.5"). These pumps can be used to lift sewage far away from the mains drains.

Available in single and three phase.

Lift: 19m
kW: 0.88 (0.75 three phase)
Amp: 3.1 (1.9 three phase)
5m cable
3.1 ltr per second.

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