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Cellar Waterproofing Service

SPD UK can offer a free no obligation quotation on your cellar waterproofing requirements.

Services range from simple sump pump installations to full dig down cellar conversion. A start to finish service.

SPD UK recruits only the best contractors for wet basement repairs, Sump pump installation to full cellar conversions.

Platon approved installers for stuctural waterproofing in accordance with BS 8102: 2009. Can provide a 10yr insurance backed guarantees

This network has the advantage to draw upon the collective expertise of the contractors and companies in the SPD UK network.

Besides being the best cellar waterproofers, some are experts for solving wet sub floor void problems, energy reduction, mold, insulation, etc., and this information is shared through the network. So if you choose an SPD contractor to do your work, you are working with a local trustworthy contractor company, and getting the collective knowledge and experience of the entire SPD network.

From Glasgow to Manchester to Cornwall to London our extensive network ensures you a quality service behind the full warranty service. We want you to have complete piece of mind that not only are the products of good quality but the workmanship too.

Please call us today to arrange your free no obligation quotation

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