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Clearfox Treatment Plant P6 (upto 6 people) pumped outlet

Clearfox Treatment Plant P6 (upto 6 people) pumped outlet
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Price:2,820.00 (2,350.00 Exc Vat)

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Typically used for a 3-5 bedroom house

•Highest effluent quality and lowest energy consumption on the market
•Reinforced HDPE shallow dig tank
•No concrete backfill necessary
•Odour free and whisper quiet operation
•30% less sludge production than competitor systems
•Suitable and approved for installation in place of any existing septic tank
•EN12566-3 and SR66 certified
•British Water approved
•Suitable for up to 6 people
•Gravity and pumped outlet models available
•Running costs approx £0.08 per day

The most impressive feature of this home sewage system is that it produces the highest effluent quality with the lowest power consumption on the market

The simple design comprises a strong single piece water tight tank made from reinforced HDPE (plastic) with a flat base for easy installation. This shallow dig tank is suitable for below ground installation in all soil conditions without needing a concrete backfill – saving time and money on costly installation works.

Eco friendly sewage treatment solutions. The QuickOne+ domestic sewage system is suitable for up to 6 persons with gravity and pumped outlet models available. It is SR66 certified and British Water approved. The Domestic QuickOne+ home sewage treatment plant uses a process powered totally by air and naturally occurring bacteria. There are no moving parts inside the tank and it doesn’t require any chemicals or additives.

This trouble free home sewage system operates quietly and without any unpleasant smells. Our end users can enjoy total peace of mind from one of the most reliable, tried and tested septic systems on the market.

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