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Organic Treatment Plants

Organic Treatment Plant
organic treatment plantorganic treatment plantorganic treatment plant

Organic Treatment Plant

Product ID:
Price:8,397.60 (6,998.00 Exc Vat)

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No Electricity Bills. No Smells. No Noise. No Running Costs. No Repairs!

The all new clearfox will change the market on treatment plants and septic tanks!

Size : 3.3m x 1.5m tall
Lead time - 5-7 working days
1-12 people domestic
upto 30 people commercial, caravan parks etc

100% Organic Sewage System
This Organic system is powered by venturi suction, worms and bacteria.

Government Backing
Each Clearfox Worm System comes with a Government certificate that shows the system conforms with all the 2020 requirements and it is approved by UK Building Regs.
That means it is approved to discharge into soil or any water course.

Litetime Guarantee
Because the Clearfox Worm System does not run on electricity and has not electrical or mechanical components it cannot breakdown.

With the Clearfox Organic Worm System you also get:

# Bonus 1: Septic Tank Fertiliser. 4 Years Treatment Of (Worth £398)
Septic Tank Fertiliser will protect your Clearfox Organic Worm System from the harmful effects of cleaning products.
That means you can continue to use Bleach, Washing Power e.t.c without running the risk of killing the worms or Organic Eco System inside the Clearfox.

# Bonus 2: Organic Coral Filter (Worth £798)
This Organic Filter creates a secondary ecosystem inside the Clearfox, like that of a coral reef that filters out the suspended solids, increasing the efficiency of the Clearfox system by 25%.

# Bonus 3: Organic Red Sewage Worms (Worth £198)
Organic Red Sewage Worms live in the primary sludge tank, and convert the sludge into mineral water.
Because they eat all the fat grease and sludge, there is no need get your system emptied. Saving you £100's each year in emptying costs.

# Bonus 4: Government Compliance Form (Worth £299)
All properties with off mains sewage systems must now display a government compliance form.

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