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Pumping Station Quick Guide

This is a general guide as to what type of pumping station you should be looking for, but may not be the correct pumping station for your specific job.

Please note, variants of pump power and chamber size can be built to your specific requirements. Please call, we'll be more than happy to help choose the right kit.

So as a general rule;

Cellars (no toilet)
Sump pump for cold storage type cellar
SPD100 single pump systemcellar sump pump Z150 Single Zoeller pump system (vertical float)zoeller sump pump

Sump pump for cellar conversion (living space)
Z150 Plus Battery Back-upsump pump battery back up SPD200 Dual Pump Systemdual sump pump

Cellar conversion (with toilet) garden room conversion, garage conversion, extensions
Mini 190S Sewage Stationmini sewage pumping station Mini Z190 Zoeller Sewage Stationzoeller sewage station

Annex's or deep invert level systems
300S Sewage Station350ltr sewage station 450S Sewage Station450ltr sewage station

Full house up to 4-5 beds
800S Sewage Stationhome sewage pumping stations 1000S Sewage Stationproperty sewage station

Small commercial, offices, pubs, construction sites, etc
M1200s Macerator Pumping Stationmacerator pumping station M1200 Dual Macerator Pumping Station

Larger commercial and multiple properties
M3500s Macerator Pumping Station M3500 Dual Macerator Pumping Station

Garden surface water, car parks, general land drain
190ltr Greywater/Stormwater Pumping Station 300ltr Greywater/Stormwater Pumping Station

General things to consider when selecting the right pumping stations
1. Building regs (see pumping station sizing guide)
2. Depth of invert
3. Overall pump lift
4. Overall pump distance
5. Pump flow (at final discharge point)
6. Chamber storage capacity

Options for pumping stations; (what we can offer)
1. High water alarms
2. Dual pumps
3. Higher lift pumps
4. Manhole cover type
5. Rigid or flexi discharge pipe
6. Sewer connection kit
7. Control panel kiosks
8. SMS texting system
9. Commissioning
10. Servicing

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