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Septic Tank Conversion Kit

Septic Tank Converion Reator
Septic Tank Converion Reator - view 1Septic Tank Converion Reator - view 2

Septic Tank Converion Reator

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Price:4,320.00 (3,600.00 Exc Vat)

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Delivery approx. 10 weeks

Require no electricity and is totally silent!

Tank 2250 litres, (biology reactor) individual weight: approx: 170 kg; dimensions lxwxh 1535mm x 1215mm x 1710mm

No electrical components are implemented
No filter material must be renewed
No spare parts need to be replaced
No control is needed

The ClearFox Nature bioreactor can be installed after an existing septic tank in order to upgrade it to comply with EN12566-7 the EPA standard for domestic sewage treatment systems. It is a simple installtion without the need to bring a power supply to the tank location.

The outlet of the existing septic tank connects into the ClearFox Nature bioreactor tank. The outlet of the ClearFox Nature bioreactor tank then connects to the existing soakaway or stream/watercourse.

The bioreactor consists of a system with aeration elements and sedentary media which are arranged above each other in a certain order. On the surface of the bioreactor, there is a distribution device consisting of compensator and distribution soil. The restriction outlet from the pre-chamber fills the compensator which then drains the water in flushes to both onto the distribution soil.

The wastewater will enter the support medium system below and flow from top to bottom. On the sedentary medium, bacteria colonises to clean the water. Due to the so-called cascaded plug flow, the water will be entirely cleaned in only one go. At the same time, the secondary produced sludge is reduced in volume and biologically degraded. The remaining amount of solids is led out through the outlet and is far below any legal provisions.

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