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TT Admix Super - Crystalline Waterproofing (25Kg)

TT Admix Super - Crystalline Waterproofing (25Kg)
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TT SUPER is applied to the surface of concrete or concrete blinding to provide in-depth waterproof protection by blocking the movement of moisture through capillaries and hairline cracks. It consists of Portland cement, specially treated quartz sand and a compound of active chemicals. TT SUPER is supplied in powder form in 25kg bags or tubs and needs only to be mixed with water prior to application as a slurry to fully cured or existing concrete.

TT Super penetrates deeply into the substrate, leaving no physical membrane behind, this means that it is unaffected by loads imposed by the rest of the build above, layers are placed concrete on concrete thus eliminating the risk of a slip plane or un-bonded separation. This feature makes TT Super of particular use when sealing pile caps, ring beams, kicker joints or abutments to retaining walls. TT Super only works with concrete, for other substrates a slurry coating such as TT-55 should be used.

- Applied to either positive or negative side
- Permanently active
- In depth crystalline Waterproofing and protection from waterborne salts and chemicals.

Coverage - 1.5Kg Per Metre Square

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