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Zoeller 12v Sump Pump Battery Back-Up Kit

Zoeller 12v Sump Pump Battery Back-Up Kit
Zoeller 12v Sump Pump Battery Back-Up Kit - view 1Zoeller 12v Sump Pump Battery Back-Up Kit - view 2Zoeller 12v Sump Pump Battery Back-Up Kit - view 3Zoeller 12v Sump Pump Battery Back-Up Kit - view 4
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Designed using Zoeller®'s time-tested components giving you the needed performance and reliability. One of the most popular and most reliable battery back up sump pumps on the market and a firm favourite with UK's waterproofing market.

9000lph (at 1.5m lift)
6hrs continuous running time

•12 V, highly-efficient, non-corrosive pump construction. Supplied with 6' (1.8 m) leads.
•Integrated check valve
•Legs allow free-standing installation
•Quick disconnect discharge
•Aluminum seal pocket and cooling plate
•Hand built and 100% tested
•Efficient design means more water pumped during emergencies
•3-year warranty

Includes battery burn-out and overcharge protection. The self-contained, 10 amp battery recharger system is a solid-state, automatic controller with alarms, light indicators and warning systems.

LCD SCREEN: Always displays battery voltage along with other helpful information about the system.

•AC Power - blinks red when power is out
•Charged - green indicates battery is fully charged
•Charging - yellow indicates power is going to battery
•Low Battery - red light blinks when below 10.8 volts and rapidly blinks when below 8.4 volts
•High Water - yellow light will blink when the float is activated, and becomes solid after 3 seconds
•Alarm Off - yellow light indicates the buzzer is currently silenced

•High Water
•Reverse Polarity
•Low Battery

•Scroll - display information on the system such as DC pump cycles and power outages
•Alarm Reset - press to reset alarms. Press and hold for three seconds for 24-hour buzzer silence

AUXILIARY ALARM CONTACT: A set of dry contacts allows system to connect to home security alarm, auto dialers, etc.

SWITCH: Reliable, low voltage vertical float switch

FITTINGS: An integrated DC pump discharge check valve, additional AC pump check valve, tee, and adapter are included.

Whats in the kit?
1. The Zoeller 12v pump (the elevated pump in picture)
2. Zoeller control panel/smart charger kit
3. Battery and battery box
4. All wiring to fit
Please note: does not contain mains pump as shown in picture

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