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800S Sewage Pumping Station (800ltr) 6m Lift

800S Sewage Pumping Station (800ltr) 6m Lift
Sewage PumpSewage Pumping StationHigh Water Alarm800S Sewage Pumping Station (800ltr) 6m Lift - view 4800S Sewage Pumping Station (800ltr) 6m Lift - view 5800S Sewage Pumping Station (800ltr) 6m Lift - view 6
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A complete 800ltr sewage pumping station kit. Perfect for properties up to 4 bedrooms, annex's and extensions etc. Single 6m lift pump station
All our pumping stations comply to BS EN 12050-1:2001 / BS EN 752-6:1998 standards.

For the transfer or sewage water to be pumped up to mains drains. Delivered pre built for quick and easy installation.

The standard pumping station consists of the heavy duty stainless steel Evak 50 (6m lift) submersible sewage pump with 50mm solid handling for peace of mind.

This sewage pumping station can pump up to 80m across to mains

800S Sewage Pumping Station Includes
1 x Evak 50mm solids sewage pump (up to 6m lift)
1 x 1000mm x 1000mm poly moulded basin
1 x 5 ton rated 750mm x 750mm galvanised manhole cover
1 x Guide rail kit
1 x Non return valve
1 x Lifting chain
1 x Internal 2" PVC (class C) discharge pipe work kit
1 x Seal for incoming and outgoing pipework
1 x 12 months warranty

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