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ABS Piranha Macerator Pump (20m Lift) 230v

ABS Piranha Macerator Pump (20m Lift) 230v
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The Piranha 08 Pumps.

Single Phase

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The Sulzer Piranha submersible pumps are designed for effectively and economically pumping waste through small diameter pump mains for private, municipal and industrial areas. The Piranha pumps achieve this with the use of the unique Piranha shredding system which can cut up items such as cloths and plastic bags etc to prevent them blocking the pump. It is good practice to prevent these going in the drain run as best you can in the first place to remove the risk of blockages completely.


o Sewage removal from living units and houses in remote settlements where the laying of a conventional sewer would be too expensive, where large ground undulations are present or where it is only possible to lay pipelines of small diameter.
o Sewage removal from motorway resting sites, communal buildings and for renovation of buildings or areas of a city.
o For use in slaughterhouses, food processing plants, paper factories, agriculture and similar areas.
o Piranha 08 are specially designed for private and domestic applications.

For the pumping of wastewater containing sewage, organic and industrial effluent.

o Piranha 08 are fitted with MF modular motor.
o Piranha 08 is available as KS version with float switch.
o Small discharge lines from 1¼" (DN 32).
o Standard and Ex-versions.
o Piranha 08 has capacitor in upper lid and do not require a control box.
o Low installation costs due to small diameter discharge pipework.

10m cable
20m lift

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