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M3500 Dual Pump Macerator Pumping Station (3500ltr)

 M3500 Dual Pump Macerator Pumping Station (3500ltr)
Macerator PumpMacerator Pumping Statoncontrol panel M3500 Dual Pump Macerator Pumping Station (3500ltr) - view 4 M3500 Dual Pump Macerator Pumping Station (3500ltr) - view 5 M3500 Dual Pump Macerator Pumping Station (3500ltr) - view 6
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Dual macerator sewage pumping station is a complete "job ready - fully assembled" product for use in areas where gravity flow is not available. Best suited to commercial applications, high height or long distance due to the high powered macerating or high flow 3 inch discharge pumps. When making the choice, macerators are best suited to high height and/or long distance where as 3" discharge is best suited to low distance high flow
All our pumping stations comply to BS EN 12050-1:2001 / BS EN 752-6:1998 standards.

With the dual pump system you have the added peace of mind of a back up pump along with double the flow if the first pump is not coping.

It is used for various drainage applications, with the M3500 system also used for the transfer of sewage or grey/waste water, all specially designed for easy installation. Complete with high water alarm. (available in single and three phase)

This macerator pumping station can pump up to 400m across to mains

M3500 Macerator Sewage Station includes:
2 x 1.6 HP macerator (Dual Macerator) 50mm or 80mm vortex discharge sewage pumps (19m lift macerator or 8.5m lift vortex)
2 x Guide rails (pump quick dis-connect)
1 x 1500mm x 2000mm poly moulded basin
1 x 5 ton rated 750mm x 750mm galvanised manhole cover
2 x Quiet non return valve
2 x Lifting chain
1 x Internal 2" or 3" PVC (class C) discharge pipe work kit
4 x floats (off/on/emergency/alarm)
1 x Electronic control panel
1 x High water alarm
1 x 12 months warranty

Pump Max Flow Rates:
63mm macerator max flo.3.6l/s
80mm vortex max flow 18l/s

240v - 9.2amp (11amp vortex)
400v - 2.9amp (3.9amp vortex)
Power - 1.18Kw (1.6hp) (1.5Kw vortex)

Application areas:
•Large property up to 23 people
•Commercial Buildings up to 70 people

Video of the pumps in this kit!

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