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Platon Double Drain External Membrane (2m x 15m roll)

Platon Double Drain External Membrane (2m x 15m roll)
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Platon DOUBLE DRAIN is a vertical drainage layer for external basement walls and a protection board to primary membranes. It consists of an impermeable studded sheet, manufactured from high-density polyethylene with a polypropylene filter fabric bonded to the top of the surface of the studs.

Channels between the studs form an air gap against the underlying structure. Platon DOUBLE DRAIN forms drainage layers on both sides of the studded core sheet. The filter fabric facing the backfill material ensures the drainage channels are not blocked or obstructed.

Platon DOUBLE DRAIN can be fixed vertically or horizontally to suit the application.

Membrane PEH
Filter Fabric PP
Stud height approx 8.0 mm
Membrane thickness 0.50 mm
Weight 590 g/m²
Drainage capacity max 2.3 ltr/m²
Resistance to biological attack Does not rot or support growth
Chemical resistance Resistant to all chemicals in
normal building construction
Membrane colour Black
Roll Size 2m x 15m x 7mm

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