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TWS EX100 Damp Proofing Membrane

TWS EX100 Damp Proofing Membrane
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TWS-EX100 is a self-adhesive sheet membrane constructed from an oriented cross laminated high density polyethylene sheeting and a bitumen-polymer adhesive compound.

The product is a tough and durable self-adhesive sheet with an overall thickness of 1.5mm. A unique feature is the selvedge. This enables a fast and secure seal on all side edge laps.

TWS-EX100 is used to provide a water and water vapour barrier in all forms of construction. When installed and applied correctly the system provides a Type A barrier protection system in accordance with BS 8102: 2009 - Table 1 and provides levels of protection for grades 1, 2 and 3 in accordance with BS 8102: 2009 . Table 2.

Under normal conditions of use TWS-EX100 will provide a water and water vapour barrier for the life of the building.

Size : 19.05m x 1.05m
Total thickness : 1.5mm
Membrane strength : 5.0 N/mm

Key benefits
Factory controlled thickness
Rapid sealing and bonding
Fast and easy application
No heating or drying
Self sealing to minor damage
Selvedge strip to promote immediate lap sealing
High puncture resistance
High joint resistance to water pressure and water vapour transmission

Being water and water vapour resistant, TWS-EX100 has many waterproofing applications in the construction industry
Roofs and plaza decks
Lift shafts, pits
Service reservoir roofs
Car parks
Specification J40 . Flexible sheet tanking / damp proofing, in accordance with NBS Clause 190.

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