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Ultrasump Battery Back Up Pump

Ultrasump Battery Back Up Pump
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Price:699.60 (583.00 Exc Vat)

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As with all our sump pumps, we recommend a backup pumping system.

The Ultrasump represents the state-of-the-art in battery backup pumping systems, When added as an option to sumps, the Ultrasump will turn on automatically if the mains power cuts off.
The Ultrasump includes a DC operated pump, a 'smart' charging system and a high-quality 100 amp battery lasting approx 14-16 hours continuous running.
Will last 10 YEARS + the ultimate in battery back up system

Do not chance flooding your basement with "cheap" inferior systems. The UltraSump is the world most powerful, reliable and long lasting battery back-up on the market. (see our comparison chart below)

up to 4.8m vertical - up to 80m horizontal

•Built in float switch
•Long term stand-by
•Smart trickle charger
•Will pump over 11,000 gallons on a single charge
•4.8m shut off head
•9,000 lph flow
•Heavy duty (10yr life) battery
•Built in non return valve
•Easy to fit and retro-fit to existing sump pumps, simply T's into mains pump discharge pipe
•Snap fit wiring
•Optional battery switcher for 2 batteries (speak to sales department)

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